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BORSETA pentru nadit cu boilies / bulgari de nada

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 Un produs NOU in Romania!






Cel mai indicat  accesoriu pentru nadirea cu  boilies sau bulgari de nada, mai ales pentru pescarii de competitie.

Dimensiuni generoase.

Foarte rezistenta.


Capacitate:  2 kg. de boilies si aprox. 8 bulgari de nada.


Pret: 100 lei




                                                                                NADESTE si PRINDE!


STICKER (autocolant) - tuning auto.

There are no translations available.

Un produs NOU in Romania!




Denumire produs : STICKER (autocolant) - tuning auto. Se lipeste exterior pe caroserie.

Realizat pe suport PVC laminat, special pentru autoturism.

Imprimat cu cerneala OUTDOOR  rezistenta la eroziune si intemperii.

Dimensiuni: 160 x 140 mm carp sticker 

                   140 x 128 mm pike sticker


 Pret : 20 lei.



La comanda se pot si personaliza cu textul Dvs. pentru magazin sau diferite activitati.( concursuri sau cluburi pescuit sportiv )

La comanda se pot mai realiza si in urmatoarele dimensiuni:

500 x 460 mm  pret: 100 lei - pentru capota masinii sau vitrina magazin.

700 x 600 mm  pret: 150 lei - pentru capota masinii sau vitrina magazin.

In aceste dimensiuni se gasesc NUMAI la producator. 

Garantia producatorului: 3 ani!


Acest produs este marca inregistrata de SC. CRAP-ONE S.R.L.








Is the most useful accessory for baiting up at long distance (it easily throws the ground bait balls at more than 100m)
Comparing with the rocket where, mandatory, it has to be used a rod-spod (a special baiting up rod with high throwing power), the bait sling can be used on ANY rod.
How to use it: it can be attached to the rod like any other rig, then put the balls of ground bait into “L.D.A.” and throw them. After launching, the bait sling is falling down after 3-5 meters, but the ball is continuing its trajectory directly to the spot you chose.

- realized by polypropylene with high density < - dimensions: - weight 9 grams
- 80 mm diameter and 25 mm bowl depth
- others: textile wire and resistant swivel.
Due to the properties of the material “L.D.A.” is not brittle and also is not changing the shape or other properties in the sun light; the dimensions allow easily launch balls of approximate 60mm diameter weighing around 100 grams.
NOTE: don’t forget to use the “fox glove” when you are casting in order to protect your finger.
Price en detail: 30 RON (approx. 9 USD or 7 EUR)
For en-gros prices please ask for an offer.

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